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Would like to try my hand at voice acting!

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Hey all,
I'm currently living in the Bay Area, which still has one of the more strict stay at home procedures in the country. Because of that, I wanted to try out my hand at voice acting and was wondering if anyone had any entry-level/small projects they'd like a VA for? I have a Snowball mic next to my desk so quality recording is not an issue.
I'm a male with a deep (and apparently distinct) voice.
If you're interested in signing me on, please comment below or DM me, and I can send you a link to some of my stand-up comedy/YouTube videos.
Thank you!




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Hey there! I'm in the brainstorming stage for a Forsworn-related mod. I'll be needing a voice actor for the main NPC, if you're interested? I don't have many details yet, but I can send you some documentation once I've got it workable :3

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