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A cylindrical form factor ITX case

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Hello all,

I am inquiring about finding a PC case that is cylindrical in form factor and could possibly be after market modded to be waterproof. I have tried to find cases and everything i find is either not out yet, or is like the Mac Pro. I am doing a project where my end goal is to have a completely submerged server. I need it to be waterproof from actual water, not some type of mineral oil or electronic fluid. If anyone has any ideas that could help me that would be fantastic! Thank you!



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I am all for projects, what is the end goal of having a fully submerged server within a case though? Mineral oil solutions 'work' (though gimmicky) because the heat transfers directly from the components outwards, but if you're submerging the PC enclosed in a case will that not insulate the heat? The air trapped inside the sealed case will get very hot and the transfer rate will be very low for it to escape. Most servers rely on very high airflow through racks though some exotic solutions will pump water through constantly to the parts that need it with fittings.


Assuming heat isn't a problem you'll probably have to do something custom since it will likely need to be made of a thick plastic and heat-sealed. Over the counter solutions will have too many cracks and holes. Even if you seal them I wouldn't trust putting thousands of dollars worth of server grade hardware under water unless you can guarantee the sealant won't face degradation in a submerged environment.


If you're using throwaway parts like old gen ES Xeons I would just buy a Rubbermaid waste bin and flex seal it up after you've mounted the components. Just be extremely cautious with wiring and water!

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