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Immersive corpse location

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I've always had trouble locating corpses (sometimes I never find them) among the dense grass losing out on loot, It's only gotten worse now that I have mods that not only thicken the grass further ( I love Verdant) but also add like 20 person battles I can't keep track of where everyone died (I love Warzones). I've tried a few mods that have spells you can cast etc. But I always felt weird casting spells to locate a corpse when I'm playing a pure warrior.


So I thought it would be really cool to have a mod that takes a corpse that has been dead for say 5 minutes (or whatever the mod author feels is long enough) spawns a static swarm of flies over the body. Much in the same manner a spriggan has the green swarm, only in this case it's black flies to simulate rot. It would pair really well with "Rotten Corpses SE" extremely immersive and solve aimless searches for bodies in the grass. I'm no coder, so I don't know how technically challenging it would be (and I'd make it myself instead of asking someone else to do it), but I imagine it would further immersion to have the fly swarm also have sound. Anyways, thanks for reading.



Hard time locating corpses due to thicc af grass mods.

Immersive solution,

static swarm of flies (with sound) spawn over dead NPC's after x=minutes, would pair well with "Rotten Corpses SE".

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