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Need a bit of modding help regarding models and textures.

fnv fallout new vegas help models textures

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Import the .blend file into blender and export it as a .nif.

And, when I try to use NifSkope... When I first load my model and save it as a .NIF, I get this error: "Warnings were generated while reading the blocks. block 4 Tangents array size mismatch

block 4 Bitangents array size mismatch
block 6 Tangents array size mismatch
block 6 Bitangents array size mismatch"

And if I try to load it again, it just gives me this one: "failed to load block number 4 (NiTriShapeData) previous block was NiSourceTexture"

And I have absolutely no idea what this means or why... I really don't want to go to the trouble of trying to remake my model, it took me most of a day and it's the first thing I've ever actually made, so...


What version of Blender,










are you using?


The only program that reads .blend files is Blender.  If you can't export it as a .nif, you either don't have proper files or they are installed incorrectly.

I did not accept any default location when installing the tools.  All of the tools are installed directly on the C: drive in their own folders.


I made the model, originally, in the Steam version of Blender. When I realized that this version doesn't support the ability to export as .NIF, I also downloaded all of the above. In both versions, just to test, I made just a simple grey cube, exported them as .OBJ files. and then used NifSkope to try and turn them into .NIF files, but when loading the testing cubes into GECK, i was greeted with big red warning symbols showing that it didn't recognize the model.

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What I asked was what version, as in Blender 2.49, Python 2.6.6 or NifSkope 2.o Dev 7.  It does make a difference.


In order for Nifskope to open a file exported from blender it must be in the .nif file format.


So, again, what are the version of the programs you are using?


If you are not using Blender 2.49, you are using the wrong version to mod FNV.


I have never heard of a Steam version of Blender.  They may have a version that is available, but all versions of Blender are published by the Blender Institute.

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Please see the 'Image Tools' section of the wiki "Getting started creating mods using GECK" article for the correct versions to use with FNV.




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