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A short alternating fantasy on Calradia


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Hello guys and gals, I was inspired by creative modders who have made this game so enjoyable to me. i was bored and had nothing to do, so i decided to write a small story, I won't spoil it for you, it is based on one of my most favorite childhood shows, with a darker approach. If you like it please let me know, I will post the next part here when I'm done. Peace and Love Y'all.

p.s. there might be some grammar mistakes, sorry abt that :thumbsup: !




You are the son of a famous merchant in the kingdom of Calradia. You are helping your parents in the capital, Lycaron. The empire is at peace, but lords get into arguments here and there. Your father has been trying to mediate between them for years. The city of Lycaron is not large, but it's well-loved by merchants from all over the land. There is word that a comet is supposed to pass by earth. you wish to witness this spectacle so you plan to finish up the remaining work in the shop, meet up with your girlfriend near the town center, and head towards the plains outside the capital, for a clear view of the sky. As you get ready to leave, your father reminds you of an important appointment.

> You just remembered you had to deliver a parcel to one of your customers. You get ready to leave, but your father insists that you carry a package for him on the way. It is a present for one of his business contacts, and it needs to be delivered urgently

. > You agree and head outside. You put on your light leather tunic, tie a leather belt around your waist and grab your walking stick. You step out of the store and enter the busy street.

> You make haste and finish up your errands, just in time to meet your girl. You arrive at the town square and see your lovely friend sitting on a bench. You walk over and give her a peck on the cheek, and begin to tell her about your day. "lets talk on the way, I don't wanna miss the comet" she says, smiling. You agree and begin to walk, arm in arm. As you enter the main road leading out of the city, you are stopped by a soldier dressed in shining silver armor. "I am sorry young ones, but you cannot leave the city at this hour" he scolds. "come on George, i promise to give you a discount the next time you stop by my store" you reply with a chuckle, trying to lighten the mood. "Ah, but what about your parents?" The soldier stops smiling and gets very serious. "They already know man, stop being such a worrywart" you look over to your girlfriend, impatiently waiting. "Here, for your troubles" you slide a couple of dinars in his pocket. "now you are talking my language" he replies The soldier grins, salutes and speeds off into the night on his horse. You and your girlfriend continue on your way. Soon you reach a tavern just outside the city gates The spot you chose to see the comet is right behind its vicinity. you grab a jug of fine beer from the tavern and head on towards the spot with your girl. As you get closer to your destination, the brightness of the comet grows larger and larger, filling the sky. Your girlfriend looks at you with a face full of awe and amazement. She pulls closer for a kiss. as you are making out, a huge explosion occurs. THE COMET LANDS! it's fire is now a raging inferno, shooting out bright red light and sparks. You and your girlfriend look at each other and scream. You run to the edge of the cliff and look down. You see a creeping inferno spreading like wildfire. you take your girlfriend's hand and without a second thought, jump from the cliff into the river below. The comet's explosion occurred right at the cliff, a stream of flames and fire were shooting out from the earth and into the sky and were melting anything they touched. You opened your eyes deep underwater and dared to look at the hell above, a light so bright was shining endlessly, and you knew death awaited if you went any closer to the surface. A few seconds passed and the temperature of the water started rising until it almost became boiling. your girlfriend, Her name is Ira, drags you deeper underwater, to escape the heat. You both find yourselves running out of breath, you think to yourself "if the comet doesn't take me, suffocating underwater will for sure", a series of thoughts are running in your mind and you start panicking and wasting more and more air. you realize that even if you tried, you won't be able to each the surface to breathe, you slowly start to fade as you start to give up on your life. amidst the chaos and cold, you feel a gentle pull on your hand, its Ira, she realizes that you are in trouble, but unlike you, she had spotted a small underwater cave nearby, she points it out to you and urges you to follow her. You see the cave with your own eyes, it's not large but it is big enough for both of you to enter. She Pulls your hand hard as you force your way to the cave, and luckily, it has an air pocket just enough for the two of you to catch your breath. After a few minutes, you both start laughing uncontrollably as you realize that the two of you survived the same death trap. You and Ira make out for the rest of the night. After resting for a while, you both decide to leave the cave, but the only exit is the same way you came. So Ira volunteers to go first and check if the water is not too hot, you reluctantly agree. As you watch her leave, you realize that you are now stuck in the cave with a naked girl. She has her back to you as you stand up and walk towards her. "Ira?" The Girl gets up and runs towards you with a speed you never could have imagined, her body collides with yours and she vanishes into thin air You can't believe your eyes, she crashed onto you but you didn't feel a thing? What's going on? before you could search for the answer, Ira returns in a panicked state, you have never seen her this worried before. "what's wrong babe?" you ask. "C.. come with me, fast. you have to see it for yourself" she replies, although she could barely talk. seems like she was swimming faster than she was capable of. You follow her out of the cave and into the river, you were about to ask what is going on, but she holds your hand tightly and drags you through the water. As you exit the cave, you feel that Ira's hand is shaking, or maybe its yours after seeing that ghost?, soon you exit the water and realize it is night already. But there is a scorching smell in the air, and the sky seems to be covered with clouds. As you both follow the scorched riverbank, you start feeling a sense of dread and horror. The earth was black, the trees burnt to the ground and every plant around you seemed to be dead. You cant believe your eyes, you start inspecting your surroundings with panic. Ira is just standing there, looking towards the east. you go over to her to ask her if she is okay. Ira tries to point her shaking finger towards Lycaron. as you look that way, you realize the city is gone. nothing but an ashy wasteland, devoid of any life. You look to your left and you can see the river that took you and Ira from the beach to this point. "is it just me or the river seems shrunk?" you wonder, "isn't it obvious? the cometh evaporated half of the river's water, along with every living creature" Ira says in a broken voice. You put your arm around her shoulder and say " hey, look at me." she looks at you " lets go search for survivors, i know for sure there will be survivors" you tell her. As the two of you head towards the ruins of Lycaron, a shocking thought strikes you. What if Ira is right? what if the entire planet has been rendered barren? You try to remain positive, but the thoughts of your family and friends keep coming into your mind as you reach the gate you see a scorched armored body, That's got to be George!, you pull away before Ira manages to take a look at it. you don't think she is ready to know this yet, as you make your way into the city. Everywhere you look, all you see is death and destruction. a burned-out building here, a body there. You don't know where to start. Over at a distance, you see the cinders that used to be your shop, and you realize everyone inside had the same fate. " there is no hope here" a tear rolls down your cheek, "let's go somewhere else ". Ira is sobbing, but she keeps it together, " yeah, let's get leave". you ask Ira to wait for her outside the gate, as you will scavenge some stuff for the journey you have ahead. You manage to gather together a few bits and pieces, including a dozen or so flintlocks. You figure you can do with them what you can with your fists, as you head out of the city. On your way out, you feel something moved in the rubble, you quickly make your way there and start moving the rocks. it is a person crushed under the rubble, you should have expected that. the corpse seems to be covering a box, you pull his body and retrieve the package. It is a little crooked but it survived the fall, what is in this that the man tried to protect so dearly, and this man's body doesn't show any signs of higher degree burns like the rest, you wonder if it were possible that someone managed to shield themselves from the fire, but who could it be, the idea of another survivor makes your heart flutter a bit, as you and Ira were the only ones to make it out of Lycaron. You proceed to check what's in the box, a strange device, you can't put together what it is. you head on towards Ira hoping she has an answer. "hey, are you okay", you say. Ira is having a hard time speaking, but she manages to communicate her dismay. "I learned a few things, there was a guy, crushed under the rubble, but he was not killed by the inferno, he was smothered by rocks, and he was trying to protect this box, i don't know what is in this, but i found out something that.." You feel Ira's finger on your lip, "please!, one thing at a time" she shouts. you understand that you were a bit overwhelming, so you start by telling her about how there can be survivors, a bit of life returns to her face, you then tell her that there is something important in this box but you don't know what. She goes on to look inside but a huge surge of fire erupts from the bell tower in the city, You both drop what you are doing and rush to cover as you think this might be another comet. after a few moments, you head on towards the tower realizing it was just an explosion. As you get closer, Ira tells you to get stealthy. she wants to get used to expecting the worst. as you sneak onwards, you hear a loud growl coming from the center, as you get closer, you wonder if it is a huge animal, but you have never heard a call like this. Ira seems a little relieved as there is proof of life still existing. You both hide behind a rock to look at the scene before you. A small animal, you have never seen it before, is showing its teeth, to another creature that looks a lot like a dog. the small one looks like a giant salamander. "look, the small one is still on fire" Ira whispers while pointing to its tail. but the fire doesn't seem to hurt the creature. before you can say something again, the dog charges at the salamander and lands a direct hit. the salamander gets up and shakes it off. then the salamander inhales a load of air and breathes out a stream of Fire. You both are looking at this spectacle and can not believe your eyes. the dog takes the full force of the blast and is turned to ash right before your eyes, the small creature seems unharmed by this. "This is the end of the world" Ira whispers. The salamander the proceeds to the cinder made by the dog and starts digging in. You and Ira manage to sneak past him and try to make your way back. But you the rock you were taking cover with, falls down and makes a huge noise. The salamander sees you. Without a second thought you both make a run for it, the salamander gives a terrifying chase, you zigzag through the ruins, It starts hurling fireballs by guessing your movements, but you manage to get away with only a small burn. Your mind races with what to do, Ira still runs ahead of you, then she starts to slow down. Ira is out of breath, and so am I, this salamander is one crazy son of a *censored*. You find a place to hole up until you catch your breath. A few moments pass, and you decide to give a look around, you see no sight of the rampaging monster. you both sneak out of the city. as you are leaving Ira manages to remember the box You had found earlier. moments before touching it, the box starts to vibrate, and the intensity starts to increase by the second. "whats going on" she asks. "beats me" you reply.

> You feel a chill down your spine, something awful is about to happen. you get a glimpse of the gate and you see an unknown figure moving towards you. as you look closer, the object becomes clearer, The salamander gets closer, with each vibration getting more intense than the last. "I think we are going to die" you tell Ira. "not yet" Ira takes out a strange machine from the box, It looks like a cannonball, but smaller. and the box is filled with them. Maybe, you think, this is an exploding flask. "I think i have seen one of these in my shop, let me throw it at him" you say. Ira is reluctant but realizes there are enough balls to try something else. You aim the ball at the salamander who seems to be running at you with a gaze filled with hunger. you throw the first one but it misses, you decide to throw a few more, but the salamander dodges them, you throw another one unexpectedly, but the salamander deflects it. At that moment you realize you are dead, but a miracle happens. as soon as the creature flicks the ball away, an explosion occurs. the salamander vanishes into thin air. you both don't believe your eyes, but as much as that has happened today, you learn to get used to it Ira heads on to see the aftermath of the explosion, maybe the creature is still there, "we can't let our guard down, we need to make sure it is dead". as you check the ground for its remains, you decide to gather the balls you missed. one of them seems heavier than the others. it is the same ball you threw at that creature, what is going on? " let me see" ira nods. " so i guess these balls are a kind of trap, look here, you can see the creature inside this". You reply "but how did it get so small? what kind of sorcery is this?" "it is not sorcery, it is science" she notes "a very powerful one too, I have never seen anything like this before". You decide to search the box for instructions, you ask Ira to read it out loud as you are still learning how to read detailed information. You find the notes of some big explosion a few years ago that took out a few buildings. "but look, it is not related to a creature" Ira says. "this one was made when they were experimenting on these balls. they tried to store an elephant in this, guess it was too big." "yeah but now they seem to have perfected it" you note. Ira nods. you continue searching the box but you cannot seem to find anything. you decide that Ira will hide the box and herself and I will return to where i found this and look for more clues. Ira hands you a few balls for protection, as you head back towards the ashen city, you have a hard time believing you are alive. When you reach the outskirts of the city, you feel the smell of smoke and ashes. It is everywhere. But you walk on, never were you this careful. as you reach the corpse safely, you search it and find a note. it says to deliver it to a maester Rufus, you knew him, he was one of your dad's associates, maybe i should check out this address, but i need to get to Ira first.

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