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Dark Lighting Upon Starting New Game

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Basically, whenever Is start a new game, everything is incredibly dark. It's almost totally black. It only happens in Doc Mitchell's house and only when I start a new game. If I load a previous save (one I used to test mods while I installed them) and enter his house from the wasteland, everything works fine. It only occurs when I start a NEW GAME.
I've tried reinstalling every lighting mod I have (as well as every mod that could possibly effect Doc Mitchell's house), checking for conflicts in FNVEdit, reinstalling my ENB (Nevada ENB 2017 edition) and other stuff I can't remember.
So far everything works fine, the only thing between me and starting a new game is this damn lighting bug.

Active Mod Files:
Also while I'm here, does anyone know how to get rid of the plugin limit message that shows up whenever I load a save? It's annoying and the limit shouldn't be a problem with the mod limit fix (which I have). I read somewhere that it's caused by the JIP companion command and control mod, but I'm not sure.

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