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HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I Prototype ADS IN Fallout 4

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After seeing this pic on dA, I found myself rewatching my DVD copy of Halo Legends, and I found myself really wanting the power armor from the short "Prototype" as a custom Power Armor in Fallout 4, both on PC and on Xbox.  I mean, it doesn't have to have the arm-mounted gun (Truth be told, that's always been my one gripe with the design, TBH.), or the back/shoulder-mounted weapons, so it's all good on that front, maybe make a custom jetpack that resembles the canon backpack or something, I dunno.  I'd make this mod myself, but I have neither the skill, the knowledge, nor the hardware to test it.  So, does this sound like a cool idea to anyone, or am I alone in this?

Here are some pics 'cause they're too large to upload.

  1. https://www.halopedi...G_YGGDRASIL.png
  2. https://www.halopedi...ype_Concept.png
  3. https://www.halopedi...ile_Concept.png

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