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survival realistic law realistic overhauls

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Can someone do immersion overhauls. Like skyrim type s***. Make the game more realistic and maybe throw in some completely new aspects and events. The law system sucks, the game doesn't feel like im alone when i kill someone in the middle of nowhere. Someone always comes out of no where and reports the crime just like skyrim. You would think at this point They'd have the isolated alone feel down but they don't. I hope this game inherits skyrims modding path or even modders in general. This game has an amazing engine and world. I just wanted to make sure people thought about this games potential the way I do. Especially for someone who loves the outdoors and old rugged western style of this game. Im sure many people are on track with what I think the games needs, sometimes I could mod lol but that s*** is definitely out of my skill set for technology.

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