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Mod Request: Enemy Equipment Drops

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Would it be possible to alter enemy loot so that you could sometimes loot the equipment they are wearing, including faction armors? For example, you can fight and kill a Cultivator and sometimes pick up a Cultivator Helmet off the corpse. I say sometimes because I wouldn't want it to be too easy to get these armors despite the stat requirements meaning we probably can't use them anyway.

Another possibility would be instead when looting enemy corpses the player acquires ragged/cracked/broken/etc versions of equipment the enemy wears when defeating them player loots off of enemies that are better than the Tier 1 equipment and requires a lot lower stats to use but is worse than their proper versions and requires materials to fix up using a skill. Probably weapon modification given it's the closest thing to a smithing skill we have.

Maybe even both, sometimes the equipment is busted and needs repairing after a fight, sometimes it is fully intact but you can't use it until you have the stats for it, something you don't get anything.

Really, I'd just like to stop having to wonder why I'm beating enemies with better stuff than me and not taking that stuff. It's not like with the stat requirements I would be able to use them instantly anyway. Having broken versions of equipment would at least give us something and help justify the fact that we can kill a guy with this nice equipment and then get nothing but a bit of random junk out of it.

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