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New to modding. My mod list (27 mods). Could use some advice

mod list load order advice skyrim sse special edition

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I recently got into modding Skyrim SE and I wanted to ask for some advice on my load order. 

I took my time with this list, I spent almost 2 days of reading descriptions since I dont want to be an error due to my incompetence. 

So before I begin installing the mods, I wanted to hear some thoughts on it by more experienced people here. 


Here is the lsit of mods. I also plan to install them in this order:

1. Unofficial Skyrim Patch SE

2. SkyUI SE

3. SSE Engine Fixes

4. PapyrusUtil SE

5. ENB Helper 

6. Racemenu SE

7. UIExtensions


9. FNIS Creature Pack SE

10. XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended

11. Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

12. Sexlab Framework SE

13. JContainers SE

14. Sexlab Animation Loader SE

15. More Nasty Critters SE

16. Animated Beast Cocks (ABC) SE

17. Bilyy SLAL Animations SE

18. Simple Sexing

19. GSPoses Idle

20. GSPoses SE

21. Leijona Barbarian Follower SE

22. Touched By Dibella SE

23. HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics) SE

24. Touched By Dibella SMP

25. Dragon's Crown Sorceress Outfit TBD SMP

26. Obsidian Weathers and Seasons SE

27. Alternate Start - Live another life SE


This is the mod list. 

There are a few things that worry me tho. 

- GSPoses Idle had no SE or LE version. So it might cause problems. The Idle is a simple animation where the character puts one arm on the waist. 


- Simple Sexing also did not have a SE or LE version. The author said it should be compatible with Special Edition since there are no Oldrim only features that this mod uses. This mod is also vital since it uses the adult animations provided by the other mods. 


- Leijona Barbarian Follower is a custome follower. So I dont know how well she will play with Touched By Dibella since this mod replacer all female NPCs bodies. 



Thats about it. 

Im using Obsidian Weathers and Season for the ENB I plan to use, which is Intrigued ENB SE. It sees like a very simple ENB. 

I wanted to download Rudy ENB but I did not want to download the particle patch and ENB light. So I went with Intrigued ENB. 


I also dont want to change my game too much. VIsually I mean. I have grown nostalgic and attached to the Vanilla SKyrim look. So I avoided stuff like NobleSkyrim2k, AmidianBorn Textures, grass mods, water mods etc .... 



If my game is stable and it does not crash, I plan to add EnaiSiaion gameplay mods.

But If my game crashes Im thinking of removing the adult mods (FNIS Creature Pack SE, Sexlab Framework SE, Sexlab Animation Loader SE, More Nasty Critters SE, AnimatedBeastCocks(ABC)SE, Bilyy SLAL Animations SE, SimpleSexing). I will only probably keep GSPoses SE, since it has some nice idle animations.


So let me know what you think and what would you advice me about this list. Thank you and have a nice day.

Stay safe.




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Best idea...keep your modlist as low as you can possibly stand.  The more you get, the more potential errors.  Been playing for almost 9 years...still trying to find the "perfect game".  Also...get as many patches as you can find.  For example, search a mod's name, followed by the word patch.




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i have about 164 ish mods and im working on combat its a bit annoying so my suggestion is to get combat to feel good then go crazy just keep in mind of conflicts for example this mod does this so i cant do this or i lose this so wildcat's and ordinator's timed blocking mechanic you have to choose one or the other

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