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Can anyone convert this Sims 3 hair to Skyrim SE, or show me a tutorial of how to do it without 3DS Max?

hair mesh sims 3 port conversion

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Hello! I'm wondering if it would be possible for this hair mod CC https://store.thesim...emale&startAt=0 to be converted for Skyrim SE. It's so cute, and there are so few good, short curly hairs around, so I'd love to see it transferred. Failing that, does anyone know of a tutorial that teaches how to do it? I've found one such guide, but unfortunately it relies on 3DS Max 2012, which I can't seem to find anywhere, and besides that getting the newer version is unfortunately quite expensive, and I'm not a student so I don't qualify for the student version. 


Either way, thanks very much for any help or guidance! 

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