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When you commit a crime, you get arrested, it's implied to happen on the strip, there's an NCR prison, why not have it in game? I propose it would work like this, if you're in NCR territory and you commit a crime, if it's petty a guard will reprimand you and you will lose some relations with the NCR, if it's a bigger crime the guards or soldiers will shoot you. Holstering your gun will make them initiate dialogue with you, telling you to come with them. Here you can offer a bribe, which could be based on the crime(s) you did or your barter skill, or both, or you could agree to go to jail, or tell them off and continue fighting. If you surrender you will be teleported to a room with a cell and some guards patrolling, you sleep in the bed to serve your sentence and you loose some skills. If you took back control of the NCRCF then you will be placed here instead. All weapons will be stripped from you. At Legion territory it functions the same, except you will spawn next to a cross with both your legs crippled, and your stuff missing, with a pop up window saying that you were crucified and your legs smashed in, but you broke free from the crucifix. Your supplies will be in a crate near the guard at the entrance with a lock on it. If you're in the Strip you get teleported to a neat prison with securitron guards, but if you have Yes Man instead of Mr. House, then when the securitron approaches you and tells you to surrender, you can say something like "Yes Man get me outta this mess!" And he'll remove your bounty on the Strip. You cannot bribe Legion soldiers because they like watching you suffer and are brainwashed, and you can't bribe Securitrons because they have a programmed response to crime and have no use for money. I just thought of this quickly I don't know if it exists or if it couldn't be done.




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This was is Skyrim, why not New Vegas?



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I don't think there was anything particularly special (hardcoded) about the C&P system in Oblivion, so I don't see why it *couldn't* be replicated in Fallout.

The hardest part would be recognizing and keeping track of distinct crimes. (I'm pretty sure the game understands Murder and Theft as individual events.)


It'd be neat to see some Bounty Hunters try to take you in alive for a change.

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