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Crash On Startup With Brand New Install Of SSE. Conflicts or SKSE64?

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Hi all,


My situation is pretty typical, I think. Fairly experienced modder coming back into the scene after some years, started with a clean SSE folder (ran it before modding and installed out of Program Files) using MO2. Installed a mixture of old mods that I'm familiar with as well as new ones that seem to be better than my old "go-to"s. 


My issue is simply that I'm getting a CTD on startup. No idea why. Ran LOOT through MO2 and it told me of some incompatibilities, which I promptly patched, removed, or otherwise fixed...but the CTD still occurs. I thought maybe SKSE64 wasn't installed correctly, but that wasn't the issue either.


I thought maybe SKSE64 wasn't actually being run through MO2, even with the Steam folder being outside of Program Files, and while I'm not entirely convinced that isn't the issue, I think it's more likely that I simply have some conflicting plugins or something that I'm just not savvy enough to notice.


Load Order


Mod List


Thank you for any sort of advice you can give!





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When is the crash occurring?  At the Bethesda logo, the main menu, or when loading a save/starting a new game?

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