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Not bad but shady

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While it doesn't really qualify as "bad", I saw a link with a photo of an actor with the caption "Remember him? He died." or something like that. Unfortunately I don't have an image because I copied the link location before pasting the screen grab.


What got my attention though was the fact that the Ad Choices link was broken and unlike most ads it had no 'X'. Also it indicated the domain of the destination, "Refinance Gold" which just seemed fishy based on the content of the ad. I decided to follow the link and unsurprisingly the site is pretty much a clickbait and ad haven.


This is small potatoes compared to phishing attempts and other overtly malicious stuff, but it seems to me that a clickbait ad that leads to a site which is little more than a platform for clickbait and more ads is just shady. So I thought I'd bring it to your attention in case it's something you might want to address.


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