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Modding noob, needs a little push in the right direction

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OK, so this is the first time I have been playing around with mods in any game, and I have become super frustrated. In particular with Artisan Valley. It keeps asking for mods that as far as my google search powers say - do not exist. So I removed all the mods, and then added them one by one again. Some stuff I could fix, others things, not so much. 


I have spent hours trying to figure it out, I am sure I am missing something simple that an experienced game modder would probably see in an instant. 


So please! if you can point out what I am missing, and sort me out, point me in the right direction..


Here is my SMAPi log https://smapi.io/log...09ae611842a0ade




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The Mods that didn't load needs you to have [JA]Artisan Valley Machine Goods..  IT appears you didn't get that installed.  Delete all the Artisan Valley Mods, and go here.  Download a fresh copy and install all four folders to your mods folder.  Do Not Overwrite!

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