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Hello. I've never downloaded a mod, and I've always been skeptical of them.

I don't have any deep technological knowledge, so I've always feared downloading something like this that came from who knows where- because if something goes wrong, I won't know what to do.


In all honesty, how often do you guys download a mod that messes up or damages your game in some way? And is it difficult to fix? 

How great is the risk that a mod could not only mess up your game, but your computer overall?

Is it foolish of me to try and get into this, without knowing how to deal with more of the back end stuff?



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Firstly, welcome to Nexus. Hope you enjoy your time here.

Secondly, hopefully I can stumble along and provide some

answers from my personal experience.

Mods are scanned and there is a notation on the upper right

hand side of the download page.  I have downloaded well

over 1000 mods and none have yet to have any effect to

my computer.  Some have totally messed up games and I've

had to delete and re-install. Also, I have a hard drive that is

only for games, keeping them away from the OS drive.

After I install a mod, I then go into the game and make sure

things function correctly because sometimes there are conflicts.

If the game crashes, I know something in the game does not

like the mod.  I install all my mods manually by copying, not

moving the contents of the mod. That way I can make sure I

remove all the contents of the mod should problems arise.

Just yesterday I had problems with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Call of

Chernobyl because it did not like a  22kb sub file, so I removed

the mod.  Game refused to function, so I had to delete/re-install.

Some conflicts are not found until later in the game, like entering

an area and then suddenly it's... ooo lookie at my nice desk top.

( can happen in open world games )

Usually a mod installed conflicts with something else in the area

for some unknown reason only shows up when you enter that

area.  Easiest thing to do is remove a mod that is used for that

section of the landscape, town, or whatever and see if that

corrects the problem.

A lot of people have crashing problems because they go crazy

with "beauty mods"...wanting things to look pretty and will

over do it with textures related mods.

In Oblivion, I had over 250 mods and rarely had a crash.

I'm not a self proclaimed "expert", but I hope this helps a bit.



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1st.  Get to know the game you're playing that you would like to consider making a mod for.

2nd.  Learn about the modding software of the game you want to learn more about mods for.

3rd.  Master the software to make mods for your game and mod them for your own personal use.  (If you created it there is no chance of anyone else's mistakes from their mods then.)

4th. It you're not comfortable playing games which connect you.  Don't play the online games.


Have Fun!


Edit: Make friends here; with people who mod for the video game of your choice.  Learn from them about modding and their experiences so you don't make as many mistakes as they may have made.




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Without knowing how much you know about computers and what games some your Personal Computer can handle, some computers are minimum, some better, and others best.  If you're already playing a video game and you have no idea what the Tech's call to our attention, it's time for you to go on an adventure into learning about what is inside that case called a computer.


Learn about your computers parts so when you are interested in a video game you can see, if your computer is capable, compare them to the Standard minimum requirements of a video game BEFORE YOU BUY IT, and find out the Recommended set up that is best for the video game,  that needs to have and to be able to play your selection of video games.


Most video game techs I followed on the Internet thought building the game was what was fun.  Testing it was just to see if it worked.





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Using mods can bring a lot of improvements and fun to a game.

As long as you apply some golden rules like for example check if the mod is clean, check for errors, install 1 by 1 and ensure everything goes well you don't have much to fear.


Take a look in the forums of the games you want to mod and ask people for advices, visit the od' pages and see the comments and things should be alright.

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