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Frieza Invasion Boss mod.

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Mod Suggestion

despite the name. My idea isn't a generic one. Well maybe a little.

A boss mod, where frieza's ship appears. And the Emperor himself is seen emerging from it, And comes forward to discuss his business with the planet's strongest fighter, presumably You. The Dragonborn, a rather safe assumption as your the only one who responded to the threat of his own villainously powerful ki.

He requests that you battle a new and curious subordinate of his, and warns you of its potential danger to your world. He then steps aside as the warrior emerges... Broly.

A short boss-quest mod that brings a little bit of not so un-immersive fanservice to dragon ball fanatics. 
Not so because, there are the planes of oblivion are endless. Are they not?

A potential multi-staged boss fight, where Broly scales to the players level and transforms throughout the fight. Utilizing a modified werewolf or vampire lord transformation. That modifies his size, and health. Damage etc. 
Broly's base form.
His first form being a mild, relatively normal unarmed combat build. Wearing some Steel tier armor with the stats of a regular steel armor. But classified as a light-weight. His unarmed in this phase should deal roughly the same as a Steel weapon as well.
Broly's rage phase.
Broly transforms revealing his ape-like form. His first rage is a more sped up variant of his normal unarmed base attacks. He is larger in size and his damage and defense should be scaled to Daedric. 
Broly's Berserker form
Broly has transformed into his legendary ssj form. His form is the same height as his former, attacks just as fast but with some spells and buffed abilities to make him not only a challenge. But a true threat. His armor and damage should be scaled above Dragonbone. And his punches deal Chaos damage. Testing every limit the Dragonborn has.

Broly's berserker form includes the following
Arming Broly with a powerful custom fighting style, so that his blows and punches are far more chaotic and capable of destruction. Sending giant waves of flames and shock throughout the landscape around you. So that if one is fool enough to bring an army against him, they stand no chance against his ferocity. Forcing a 1 on 1.
An AOE. spell which shoots fireball based green lightning damage in all directions. It's damage is relatively weak and really only for effect. 
Broly has constant green aura around him, not for aesthetics however. It will act like a constant ward spell to block lesser mage's attacks.

Defeating broly should the mod progress far enough. Can have differing results with frieza. If per say one uses a high level calm spell when broly is weakened, and spare him. Frieza will be most pleased at the consideration and cooporation. Whereas if you outright slaughter him in his berserker form he may offer you a future job. Potentially for another creator to piggy back off of this one. Or even simply be displeased if you kill broly before allowing him to show his full potential. 

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