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Editing tail heights

help khajiit argonian tail skeleton mesh

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So, new to modding, new to messing around with Nifscope and everything. 


I was looking at a few LE skyrim khajiit tail height editors, and noticed that they all added a GenderTailRace.nif file.  Seeing as I cant find what this one is replacing in the assets folder, I'm assuming its either someplace weird, or its packaged with one of the other .nif files somewhere.


Anywho, these meshes are fairly straightforward to edit up or down, as they seem to be "addons" rather than part of the skeleton. 


Difficult part; I'm trying to reproduce this height adjustment on the custom Selachii race, and the tail seems to be firmly attached to the skeleton...  Any attempt to move the mesh via the skeleton causes weirdness, as apparently the base point of the tail is the "central" node, and the mesh starts there rather than at the "first vertebrae" as I would have expected...


Any idea on how to shift this without me tearing my hair out?  Or where to find the originals for the vanilla beast race tails?

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