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Hungry Morning

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Hungry Morning

Your stamina is 15 in the morning. Your stamina is 15(default) in the morning.




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I've been hoping to find something similar to this, but like: If you didn't eat at least X amount of food the day before, *then* you have a negative effect in the morning. Thus making sure you don't go two days in a row without food.

If, by any chance, you're able to create it, I would love to see something like that. Like:

To avoid the negative effects, eat at least 100 energy per day (so if you eat one Salad per day, you're fine). The number is configurable.

Negative Effect: "Hungry"
This triggers the morning after a day where you ate a little, but didn't eat enough. You wake up with low Energy. You also have a (possibly invisible) "Hungry" trait that lasts until you eat 100 energy; if you haven't gotten rid of it by the time you go to bed (or pass out), then you wake up Starving.

Negative Effect: "Starving"
This triggers the morning after a day where you ate nothing at all -- or if you already had the "Hungry" trait from yesterday and the game tries to add a second one because you didn't eat enough. You wake up with a tiny amount of energy, you're slow-moving until you eat something, and you have a (possibly invisible) "Starving" trait that lasts until you've eaten 300 energy.

If you go to bed (or pass out) while you still have that Starving trait, you wake up in the Clinic (or attended by the doctor) and skip a day because you're sick. And you wake up "Hungry" again (with a reminder to eat something).

So that would ensure that you eat something substantial every day (can't just eat a Spring Onion or Salmonberry and call it good), but doesn't force you to refill energy before managing your crops / livestock, and it gives you a chance to fix your behavior before the really negative effects kick in, while not giving you grief if you don't have enough money to buy some decent food right away.

P.S. I have now found some Hunger mods (I looked up "Hungry" and "Eat" but not "Hunger," I'm a doof), but they're all weirdly complicated. Having a whole new trait (Hunger) that keeps ticking down seems less immersive, to me, than just seeing whether you ate "enough" the day before.

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Looks interesting, looking forward to trying it

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