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Modding Divinity Original Sin 1 EE UI possible ?

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currently I am trying to change the user interface of Divinity Original SIn 1, EE,
specifically the dialogue UI for controllers.

As you can see it completely covers any characters you talk to:


So the simple idea is to make most of the dialogue background transparent.

I used GR2 converter to unpack the game files and JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler v. 11.3 to access the .swf files.
The correct file seems to be texture_lib.swf, the only one that contains this kind of texture. 
I exported the image as png, edited it with Photoshop and imported the png back into JPEXS and saved.
Then moved the whole thing into the game directory.


Nothing changes ingame  :ninja: 
Weirdly enough the same method works with different files. 

However it never works as soon as there is an

.iggy and .iggytex with the same filename. So in this case there are three files: texture_lib.swf, texture_lib.iggytex and texture_lib.iggytex.


Does anyone have an explanation? 
I would really appreciate your help  :mellow:  

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