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Not sure if this is a mod glitch or not...

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So I'm not entirely sure if this is a mod conflict/glitch, or the game being buggy, but every so often I'll be talking with someone and halfway through answering a question they'll repeat a tiny clip of the previous question's answer.  It doesn't happen consistently for any one dialogue or anything.  Just every so often they'll randomly talk over themselves.  I've also had occasional moments where there's a long silence before the scene continues as normal.  Does anyone have any thoughts on that?  Thanks!



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It's not a 'normal' glitch. It's not one I've ever encountered or even heard of, either.


Without a list of all installed mods, and details of how they were installed, it's impossible to speculate on what may be causing the issue or offer any troubleshooting advice beyond 'remove all mods, see if the issue goes away, add mods back in small batches until the issue shows up again, figure out which mod in the last batch was responsible'.

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