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Update Skyrim Outfit System SE

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Sorry I wasn't sure which forum this goes in, Mod Requests seemed right


Previously hosted here: https://www.nexusmod...ion/mods/24759/ but hidden by the owner because they're not getting around to updating it anymore.


Skyrim Outfit System has been one of my #1 favorite mods, being able to look how I want regardless of what ugly armor I'm wearing is a huge thing for me in RPGs. Is there any way for someone to get this fixed for modern SE? I haven't even updated my game in ages so I can still use the mod from just before it broke entirely, lol. I still have the last version (attached), and there's also the Oldrim version that works in the newest update of that, if porting that one's an option. (https://www.nexusmod...yrim/mods/97066)


If not fixing this, maybe someone could make a new (better?) mod that does the same thing? I know it's probably a big task but anyone who does this will probably get swarmed with gratitude (and while i'm not swimming in the bucks i'd happily donate a little to whoever manages to do this, just because of how much it affects my personal enjoyment of the game  :sad: )

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If you're unable to get that request filled, fwiw, I saw this one a few days ago. I don't know if it will meet your needs, but maybe it will. 



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