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Another Vortex Download Speed Problem

download speed cap vortex download speed premium membership 2020

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So, I have literally searched everywhere and can't find a single soloution. The most recent adression to this problem is in 2019...


My problem is that I downloaded Vortex like 4 days ago and bought the premium membership for one month, yesterday. The reason I did that was because I wanted to have the download speed cap above 1 MB/s. The thing is that the cap is still there and on top of that its not even reaching the 1 MB/s download speed. It's below at 896 KB/s. 


It's not my internet that has a problem before you say anything like that, because I am downloading with my brother who has his pc next to mine and we both use LAN cables and on his Vortex he was downloading yesterday with 5 MB/s while I was stuck on 1 MB/s for no freaking reason. Now I am downloading while he is not here just to check if that was the problem but nope...still...even without him using his PC I have the same awfully painful slow download speed.


I have tried uninstalling and re-installing Vortex. 

I have tried Logging in and Logging out multiple times.

I have tried restarting Vortex countless times after buying the premium membership.

I have tried restarting my PC.


Nothing works. Nothing changes. The download cap is still there. I have found 0 solutions. I have searched literally all topics on this matter which haven't helped at all and they are outdated.


So please...if anyone has a solution I will make him a statue on my town square :smile:




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Hello, please read this article and provide the information requested in the correct forum linked in the article: https://help.nexusmo...s-what-can-i-do


Thank you.

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