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Separate Childrens rooms

hearthfire breezehome modded homes mod house children skyrim skyrim special edition creation kit

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    Right turn, Clyde!

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One thing I'd really like to add.


Do you plan to upload this?


If so, I'm not at all comfortable with the notion that "I used Eli's mod because my intention was to create a mod that was similar to hers and thought it'd be easier to edit a few details than it would to start from scratch."


It doesn't look at all good to take somebody else's work and edit a few things. I know Eli does not require permission to use assets from her mod, but taking the whole lot just seems wrong. I give permission for people to use assets in my mod, but I'd be pretty upset if I recognized some of the internal cells that I'd spent dozens of hours creating... and I would recognize them. Also, what you end up with this way is 'Eli's Breezehome' with a couple of minor tweaks.


I know that Eli is hard to contact, but if you plan to upload this, I think you really ought to try to get in touch with her about it.


If it's purely a personal mod, ignore this comment.

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