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Christian mods? Are there any?

religion restoration chirst christianity cross

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Looking for any Christian mods, little as adding a cross necklace to as big as an overhaul but I can't seem to find anything good. Is there anything already made or anyone willing to make a Christianity mod? Idgaf if it's lore friendly I just want any form of Christianity in game pls. Attached File  106481570_10158511690298276_2162855799633749126_n.jpg   117.17KB   0 downloads




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Jesus mod





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You do know this whole series is based off of D&D Right?



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There's another mod with loading screens that have passages from the Bible




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Not religious, but i would play the shiet outta a Christian Cruzaders overhaul.
But why stop there?

Maybe a full blown whole Christian overhaul, set in the times of Jesus:

It would be very hard to make, since one would have to remake the entirity of the skills tree, create a whole new land, new factions, rename some enchantments, erase a bounch of unholy spells, and also the only one with magic back then was Jesus, you, the player, would have to use only sword and bow.

But maybe you could get some blessings (stat boosts) by talking to Jesus once per day, you would find him randomly preaching here and there, with a group of people around him, once he is done talking, you can go get a blessing of your choosing, the boosts can lasts up to 5 real life hours, so you can collect a bounch of them.
You could buy holy items (enchanted items) by talking to the apostles, which might be all around Jesus, or scattered bringing the good news around the other cities.
Maybe Jesus would give you a one time holy spell too, to conjure a holy warrior to help you fight alongside you for a time before returning to the heavens.

There should also be a system of holyness, the more good deeds you do, the holier you become, and that would allow you to recieve better blessings and holy spells from Jesus and buy better and cheaper holy items from apostles.

Enemies? good question.
I dont know, the Romans maybe, you would have to be a rebel.
We would have to take some artistic liberties regarding the enemies in the world
Maybe demons (dragons with horns on them, idk :P ) that terrorize the lands, or other weird possesed animals prowling the lands.

You, as a warrior of god, would have to fight them, or exorcise them, your choosing, with your holy sword, or "scrolls" that exorcise them (turning them pacific in game engine)

The Jarls (we would have to rename them) would give you direction to were there is trouble, "Cana is under siege by some possesed rats" or something, and you'll have to go free the rats, or kill them, your choosing.

I can go on and on with ideas, but i assure you that i have no idea how to make any of this.

I would just play it, because it sounds fun af.

If only i knew how to create mods, i would do this one.

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