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A Zip .22 you can customize and upgrade so it's not shitty

gun pistol weapon fallout 4

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Hear me out...a Zip .22 mod that has a SBR mod and the normal mags with a large mag and the drum mag with barrel extensions and such, you can upgrade the springs with gun nut 4 and rechamber it to shoot highter calibers such as 10mm or .45 or in full auto, I've been seeing Luger Po8 mods and stuff and was wondering why not a Zip .22 mod?




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The only upgrade to the Zip .22 which could conceivably improve it would be to wrap it up in a ball of plastic explosives, and integrate that ball as a part of a nuclear weapon, and blow it to hell. Failing that, perhaps chucking it into an active volcano would suffice. Though Pele may just throw it right back at you once it gets hot, seeing how as far as mythological figures go, that particular volcano goddess is famous for her petty temper; and being pelted by perhaps the worst self-loading firearm ever manufactured in quantity could very easily (and perhaps rightly) be taken as an insult.


Jokes aside, while a longer barrel would at least alleviate some of the hazards implicit in operating it I can't think of a good way to incorporate some kind of stock or brace. If anyone does want to make something like this, though, I'd download it just for the laughs!

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