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Wolfenstein Brotherhood conversion.

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Hey everyone, I'm new! So I'm a huge Wolfenstein and Man in the High Castle fan, and im trying to make my Fallout 4 playthrough that theme. Im not a master when it comes to using FO4 Edit or Creation kit, in fact im aweful at it. My goal is to transform the Brotherhood of Steel into the Wehermacht from Wolfenstein! I already have the files in Vortex and can spawn them in using commands, but would somebody please help me in applying these armor assets to replace the Brotherhoods Fatigues, jumpsuits and combat armor? And potentially arm the Brotherhood with STG 60 rifles? All the files needed are downloaded into my Vortex and my FO4Edit picks them all up, I just can't figure out where to put them. So far only certain members of the Brotherhood have spawned with the Kommando Armor, most of them like Knight Rhys, and other NPCs still have Fatigues and Jumpsuits. Any help or guidance would be most appreciated. And I can use TeamViewer. Thank you

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