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[MOD REQUEST] Heliotrop

quen mod signs request

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Heliotrop Sign is the ultimate skill (Sense of Magic) on the Magic tree of Geralt's skill set. To use it you must fill the adrenaline bar by using any of the other Signs. Once the bar is fully charged, activate the Sign, this will cause adrenaline to reset to zero. The Heliotrop Sign creates a temporary immobile circular force-field area around Geralt, which considerably slows down everything inside the field except himself.

It is made by crossing one's wrists, and works as a buffer against physical attacks, combat magic and impacts with walls, ground

  • The adrenaline bar can start refilling immediately, even while the field is in effect.
  • Note that in the case of Quencasting does not increase adrenaline, but its discharges from receiving blows will - so if you are already under attack, it's usually worth starting the adrenaline buildup with Quen.


The Sign appears consistently throughout Andrzej Sapkowski's work as a protection against physical attacks, impacts with walls and combat magic. However, fans from the original author's website mistook it with another Sign, Quen, which appeared only once, as a spell protecting from sonic waves. The consecutive adaptations repeated the mistake.


                                                                        Source: Wiki


I know, you must be thinking, Quen and Yrden sign does that, but let's face it, a redesign in some talents to adapt to Heliotrop could make the game even more immersive resulting in a mandatory mod for a totally immersive and lore-friendly playthrough.

I leave this idea here for mod creators looking for a maximum lore-friendly experience. Thanks for all.

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