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Need Help on how to mod exisiting companions in Fallout 4 / Creation Kit?

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I've literally just started modding for the first time and I'm finding it extremely difficult and I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand?


All I wanted to do was to edit MacCready's appearance for a PS4 mod by adjusting body sliders etc but I think i've either done something wrong or i'm just being a bit stupid. I've tried to follow youtube tutortials but I can't seem to find a video that focuses on exisiting companions, only ones that aim to create a brand new NPC.  My process was: 


- Opened up MacCready in the Actor section of the Object Window

- Adjust his body sliders to increase muscle mass and that's it

- save it / logged into Bethesda Account and then upload it to the library and published it. 


When I logged onto my PS4, although the mod was there and was able to be downloaded, it wouldn't work properly, the mod would say it was downloading but then when I load my save, it wouldn't have worked. When I would check the mods screen, the mod wouldn't be 'enabled', but despite many attempts at downnloading it and enabling it, it just won't work. So i'm not sure if my mod doesn't work or there's another issue with it. 


So i'm really not sure what to do or how to fix this issue, but I was really hoping someone could talk me through what I'm doing wrong or just help me out a bit. I'd appreciate you guys going easy on me, i'm super new to all of this :) 


Thank you!


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