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Where are my saves on my computer?

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I got my game from Origin and up until now my saves have been under user name -onedrive-documents-bioware-mass effect 2-saves

I just started a new game and cannot find my saves for this game. (I am having trouble with the DLC with Kasumi and I really hate to start over.

I was going to use the save editor to just mark the quest as done but I can't find my saves for this new game.  I opened Origin and it had save

files to cloud.  I turned that off.  Resumed the game and saved it, but I can't find that save.    If the saves for this new game are in the cloud, is

there a way I can have it transferred to my computer?    Thanks



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Presuming a standard PC install, Saves are here:

"C:\Users\[username]\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 2\Save"


To your 2nd question:  If you load a cloud save, then turn off "Sync with Cloud" in EA/Origin and make a NEW save, it'll be stored in the above folder. :thumbsup:

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