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Made a custom race, females face cant be changed

creation kit custom race character creation

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I'm going to start this by saying I am a novice at Creation Kit, but I can follow directions to the T. So I'll explain my issue as clearly as possible and any help is appreciated. I'll post all the steps I've taken so far, fixes I've tried, load order, etc. if needed. So here is my issue:


For good measure, I'll go ahead and type out the mods I know I'll be asked if I have, in no particular order

-Racemenu (I had to rollback to an earlier version to make it work correctly)


-CBBE and Bodyslide/Outfit Studio

-Total Character Makeover

-Race Compatibility


 I created a custom race by duplicating another custom race (Epic Elves by zzjay) and changing the name. It shows up in-game just fine with all the skill perks, the description, everything. I've tested the males out and I can change everything I have a slider for. Doesn't matter what preset I use, I can change every aspect afterwards. Now for the females, only a few things change.


 I CAN change the following: height, head size, arm/leg size, hand/finger size, shoulders, waist, feet/toes size, spine length (most of everything else that I don't list in the CANNOT list, works.)


 I CANNOT change: anything for the eyes that isn't coloring, face shape (chin, cheeks, eyebrows, jaw, etc)


 I word it this way because some things I can tell I'm changing, because it clips through the face (eyebrows, mouth forward, eye height)


 Its almost as if the female head is wearing a preset mask that I cannot take off. The presets change complexion, coloring, paint, eye color and so forth; the face SHAPE and PLACEMENT of features doesn't change at all. The eyelashes and eye placement don't quite align either. I've about yanked my hair out trying to rectify this maddening issue. So please, to say any help at all is appreciated would be an understatement. 

 I've changed the morph head and race presets as a hail mary. Still nothing, but that doesn't mean I'm unwilling to try old tricks.

 Again, I'll screenshot anything you will need. Also, if you are familiar with Teamviewer, I'd be just about willing to let you go rummaging through my SkyrimSE files. 


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