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Newbie Question: Importing a custom model as the player character?

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So, I've downloaded an .obj version of a character's model from another video game, and I just thought it'd be funny to make that character my playable character. That's really all I want to do. (Maybe also make it so armor is invisible, as the character is already wearing armor in his model) Since I'm mostly doing this for laughs, it doesn't have to look perfect.


I have Skyrim SE, the Creation Kit, and the NIFTools (as well as no other mods currently installed). So, uh... now what? Can anyone give me an idiot-friendly guide on what to do next? I'm not exactly the sharpest person around, especially with computers, but with simple instructions I should be able to do this.


If anyone is curious about the character model, it's of Dimitri from Fire Emblem. I was hoping to make some kind of funny meme video of running around Skyrim as Dimitri, lol. I'm willing to share the model I downloaded so you all can get a look at what I'm working with.


Any help would be appreciated!

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