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SDV Disappearing NPC JoJo Mart Glitch

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I have had this one crop up a few times now over various games in the past, sometimes I have managed to correct it via trial and error but this time it just won't seem to go away. Basically the problem is that NPCs that visit the JoJo Mart will walk right to the back of the store and then walk right out the back (by the bag of potatoes) and are (quite literally) never seen in the game again outside of fixed and cutscene events where they have to appear like festivals. 


As you can imagine this is quite frustrating, especially if you want to talk to, gift to, or have a quest involving said NPC!


This affects any characters that have visiting the JoJo Mart in the their schedule e.g. Pam, Shane, Sam etc. 


I'm guessing maybe a scheduling or location/path finding issue? But I really don't have a clue about it hence this thread. 


I have attached my smapi log from a typical play session, unfortunately I have had to remove content in it, due to the small upload limit, I have the original available if anyone needs it. 


as you can see I do run a lot of mods so maybe one of them is breaking something in the base game? 


Thank you in advance for any help. 

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