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Body Slide / Outfit Studio : My first steps in modding ; Several questions !

newbie help modding questions outfitstudio bodyslide technical stuff maybe more

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Well, hello there ! :happy:


First of all, thank you for clicking on my topic. As you can see in the title, I'm a new blood in the modding community, experience level : slightly above zero, thanks to some training, testing, and in general... tryin' to put all together some gear pieces in hope to create, well... something that does have a human shape ! So far, I must say it was kind of a succes. My tools are really basic and limited as I slowly learn the process of Creation, and how to make it work :  to keep it simple "BodySlide" and "OutfitStudio", as well as "Blender" and "photoshop". But there is many... SO MANY THINGS that I want to explore ; to comprehend, and use : animation, modelling, texturing, materials, the list goes on... And of course, discovering the proper tools to help me in this process. So far, I was able to manage my education all by myself, step by step, focusing on one tool after the other. BTW, I Think it's better to say it now, I'm french : my english skills are better than what they used to be in the past, but... there'll most likely be technical terms that will be above me, even in my own tongue, so... yeah, I might also come back on this page, and question, anyone kind and patient to help me, about those terms.


And today, as I reach a limit, I finally decide to open this post in hope to find some help... So here's the deal ! ( by advance, excuse me for the quality of the picture, I was limited in upload weight, so I had to make it as weightless as possible ) :






Attached File  Can we move those..PNG   111.05KB   0 downloads 


As you can see, this is the tesla coils of the "T60 Power Armor" for the "Automatron DLC", that I sucessfully ported as an asset of Outfit Studio, thanks to the "Bethesda Archive Extractor". It's not easy to see on the picture, but the complete models ( 4 pieces total : for the glass, steel, cables and even the FX ) of the coils are like a solid block : whatever I do , no mater the angle or direction, they will stay put in this position. The thing I'd like to do is to separate the piece in two blocks : the upper one, near the shoulder ; the second one, floating in space, indicated by the red arrow, that I would like to put elsewhere, let's say the legs...





Attached File  Can we move those too..PNG   89.86KB   0 downloads


Here is the shoulder part of the tesla coils. For this one, the thing that I need to do is to move the coils across the body ( exemple : first on the shoulder, second on the arm, the third near the torso. ), which means I may have to angle them in different ways ; to extend the cables connectnig them...






Now, you may have guessed my question : is it technically possible to separate mehses parts like this one into fragments with Outfit Studio ? How ? . . . And in case this is not possible with this tool, which one should I use ?



I sincerely hope some of you will be able to help me in my madening quest... I don't have many friends that can help me with this matter, so I could not see many place to ask for help.

Maybe Gunetwork too, but, I uh . . . I-I don't understand how this site works. I mean, visually : I don't understand. My brain crash when I see their site. Good guys, kinda helping, talented, but... d*mn, that site ! X'D

Regardless, thank you for reading my topic, have a nice day / good night ; I hope you'll be able to help me. ^^

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