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hold miscellaneous objects in hands, especially food or tools

food tools holding stuff

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The idea would be to make some junk items and tools and food holdable or equipable.


We see NPCs sit down and pull out a mug of drink and drink from that. We see NPCs sweep the floor with brooms. We see NPCs like Desdemona smoke.


I want to be able to equip items like coffee cups, bottles of water or nuka cola, or hammers, or brooms, or such, and then click mouse/press trigger to activate the animation that NPCs use to consume or use said item.


So if I equip a broom, Sole Survivor simply holds it. If I press trigger or click mouse, Sole Survivor does the sweeping animation. If I equip a bowl of noodles, Sole Survivor holds it in hands. If I press trigger or click, Sole Survivor does the "eating a bowls of noodles" animation.


cigarettes, water, soda, etc, etc etc.


Think Read Dead Redemption 2, whenever you get a bowl of soup at camp, or a mug of coffee.


It FEELS better when it's like that, when someone offers you a drink, you drink with them. You eat with your family, etc.


Rather than just bolt everything down and then sit around watching everyone else eat and drink.



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I've requested this before with tools, citing the pipe wrench and tire iron.
A nice added benefit would be the ability to hang them up.
I've wanted a compromise between 'drinking together' and consuming things the vanilla way.
Maybe the animations don't trigger when in 'Danger'?

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