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To xwm or not to xwm... that is the question!

ck xwm format wav format music track xwm music track wav

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I really must stop making all my posts start with 'Hi'! I'm sounding like a stuck record. Anyway...


Hi. Doh!


I was tinkering with music files for my mod and basically just wanted to quieten down the 'Dungeon' music. Simple. Except the music files are all stored in xwm format, even though the music tracks point to '.wav' files. I had no issue using Multi_XWM to convert the files I needed into .wav for Audacity to use, dropping the amplification by 10 dB and converting the result back into xwm.


The only problem was that the 'Music Track' in Ck only lets you select a .wav file. My issue with this is that it wasn't such a big deal to me to have the vanilla music files playing that I was prepared to add three 18 MB wav files to the mod. If I can use the xwm file format, it only adds 3 MB, roughly. That I could live with.


Can I use the xwm files and change the file extension to .wav so that I can use it or will this not work? I'm thinking that when you create dialogue, the 'Info Response' form points to MyQstMyTopicMYdialogueLine.wav, but it doesn't matter if it points to a .wav file or a .fuz file... the dialogue still plays. I've seen many mods that include wav, lip and fuz files, when they only need the much smaller fuz file. I hate bloating my machine or anyone else's machine with unneccessarily large files!




Ignore the hidden text if you will. It's just for fun! If you cn answer he question, fine. If not, have a laugh at the spoiler text!



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