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Modded Load Order Help!

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Hello, I've been trying to mod Skyrim for a bit now and I'm having major troubles figuring out my load order and assisting in stopping my rampant CTD's. I use Mod Organizer 2, and I've downloaded and sorted my plugins via LOOT, but I keep hearing mixed sources say that I should just sort my mods manually, stick with LOOT, or just reinstall from the ground up...


I'll admit that I really don'y know what I'm doing. I've tried following multiple load order guides but I can't seem to get it right, whether it be not knowing where certain mods should go, or if I'm even supposed to follow these guides at all. 


Can anyone help curate my mod order? Where things should go, where they shouldn't go? I need help desperately! 


Load Order: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing




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I might have some potentially useful pointers, but that's about it.

First thing I'd say is that Loot is good for auto-sorting but doesn't necessarily do everything right, I'd say auto-sort with it and then if you need to, you can manually add rules for what to load later if you need to.
Another thing is I'd say try and see if you can pinpoint when and where CTD's are happening because that's potentially useful information, if it only crashes when doing a specific thing, it may help narrow what's causing the issues.

I had an experience once where my bashed patch was crashing my game, and the issue was enhanced blood and it would really only start when NPC's started hitting me in combat. If you go to the description of Enhanced Blood, it mentions issues with bash patching it. It was resolved for me by using Loot to add the Graphics bash tag to Enhanced Blood and then remaking the bashed patch.

Since you also have a bashed patch and enhanced blood, I thought it might be relevant to share that story. I'd also recommend playing with the bashed patch disabled to see if it still crashes, because if it doesn't then you might have a mod that doesn't like getting bash patched and those can definitely cause crashes.

Also, personally I don't know much about Wrye Bash and Bash Patches, this is all just from experimentation.

I hope this is at least somewhat helpful and gives you another thing to try out, but that's all I got.

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