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Load order help

mod new loadorder load order help please error skyrim modding

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Hello, I'm Roaming and I've been trying to play the SOS and a couple of other mods I Know the SOS mod works, because it worked on a other save. but I tried using the community overlay for a specific pre-set I liked and the game will not launch. I've even reverted my Mods to the Prior save but I cant seem to get the  mods I want to work, to work. 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and if I'm in the wrong place please point me in the right direction and I will make my Query else where.

Here is my Mod list:Community overlays 3- main cbbe

9.0.1 a quality world map
White run expansion
acalypha follower
addres library for skse plugins - all in one
Alternate starts/bruma too havent turned it on yet.
Ambreil Black hair and the follower mod along with it.
animated wings ultimate
Breezehome tnf Eli UVoA
Conveiant horses(looking forward to this one)
Deadric bitches + body slide
Ebony battle armor n Weapons+ body slide
Eli Poison arrow crafting
Familiar faces(this one is cool)
Female make up suite - face - Racemenu verlays of eyeliner eyeshadow contours and highlights - Female makeup suite - face - 2k
Flyingmod overhaul Main file
Flying mod v09
Fnis data
Fnis Sexy move 7.1
FNIS behavior7_6
Half dragon race
HDT physics Extention
Hight poly Head (From Vector .com)v1.2
Inigo(Nuff said)
Jk falkreathv1.1
KS Hairdos SMP
Legacy of the dragon born
Mrissis's Tale of trouble
Main menue- main menu v1.0 BSA and ESP
Milkan eyes
Mirai - the girl with the Dragon heart2-11SLE
Mour follower
Nettlmmerse Override v3.4.4 Olenveld
Pandorable's serana
PLayervoice sets SSE
Pretty combat animations 1.38 Race compatability all in one Scripted installer
Race menu v3.4.5
Relistic ragdolls and force
Recorder stand alone followerv3.0
Relic Hunter Guild master start
RSSE Children overhaul 1.1.3 with hotfix
Sexlab frame work
Sexlab Default nude suit.zip
Sexy idle animation
Simple belly paints se  -  bpdy paints of shadow marks skill paints and faction paints 2k
Skin Featuer overlay se - Freckles Scars birthmarks streach marks moes and more for body and face overlays - 2k
Skyrim flora overhaul se v2.72D
Skyrim Immersive Creatures v6_6a NMM BAIN
Skyrim reputation s2011 v2.4 skse release
Skyrim romace sexlab version Skyui_5.1
SOS(if you dont know you dont need to XD)
Svelk Vorpal Blade - Half dragon Follower 
Tamriel Online client(have not tried this one yet waiting fo a friend to Fix their pc)
The Paarthrnax Dilemma
Unique uniques
Unofficial Skyrim patch se 
Wet and cold2.3.0
WNB(weathered nordic bodypaints) SE 2k
Xp32 Max skeleton extended( only put this mod on when im playing Mrissis's)
YOT- Your own thoughts 3.4
Yyvengar body paints - female(Cbbe)
any help would be Greatly appreciated



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Is that your sorted mod list?



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