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Mod request:fully regenersting health segments

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Hi there, as the title says I am requesting for an expirienced modder to make a new mod that modifies the health system to be more like Mass Effect 2.

As you know, currently the health system in Mass Effect 3 is divided into 5 different bars, one bar represents 20% of your character's current health.
If your shields go down, your health will start taking damage. If 1 of the 5 segments gets depleted, you loose it can for good and can not get it back unless you use medigel (or an opps survival pack in multiplayer).

Now let's look at Mass Effect 2's health system:
It's kind of similar but also different, being just 1 full bar. If you can avoid taking damage long enough for the shield recharge delay to be over, your shields will start regenerating and your health will recover to 100%.

Revised health system idea:
It's a mix of Mass Effect 2 and 3. You can regenerate you're current bar, but there will be a slight delay before the rest of your health will begin to regenerate.

So that's the idea. And please, before you say I should just go play the Krogan Warlord Sentinal with his regenerating Health or go play Mass Effect 2, remember that the Krogan Warlord Sentinal can not take cover and I would like to play other classes. Mass Effect 2 is also not Mass Effect 3, I would like to finish the trilogy (preferably with this mod please).

Last thing, a good idea of things to look at to figure out how things work might be the Krogan War,ord Sentinal, as he can regenerate health segments that habe already been depleted. The only things to leave out are the additional regeneration speed from the Warlord rage ability, other classes need to have regeneration occur at a much slower rate to be more balanced.

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