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Nexus Mod Manager - Release Notes (and download links)

nmm release notes download links

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I am going to use this post to announce new versions of NMM, including what has changed, as well as outlining the features and fixes I am going to have in the next build.

Latest Build: 0.61.6

NMM versions prior to 0.52.3 are no longer supported by the Nexus servers, and won't be able to authenticate/download.

Version 0.61.5 and newer require the installation of the .Net Framework 4.6
.Net Framework 4.6: .Net Framework 4.6 Redist

Latest Build - 0.61.6
Installer: Nexus Mod Manager-0.61.6.exe

Hofix 0.61.6:

  • Added Dragon's Dogma game support.
  • Fixed issue causing loose mod files or game files overwritten by mods to be lost while switching profiles.
  • Fixed crash when clicking on empty elements of the Profiles menu.
  • Fixed crash when adding elements to the mod install queue.
  • Fixed Fallout 4 displayed name.
  • Fixed issue preventing some mods from properly installing on Witcher 3 and Starbound.
  • Fixed issue causing some properly packaged Witcher 3 mods to be flagged as not supported.
  • Added new check to try and quickly retrieve game paths from Steam.

Hofix 0.61.5:
  • Fixed issue with Fallout 4 categories.
  • Reworked contextual menu for the Mods control.
  • Tweaked source code and updated to .Net Framework 4.6.

Hofix 0.61.4:
Installer: Nexus Mod Manager-0.61.4.exe
  • Added F4SE launcher.
  • Tweaked F4 ini editing warning.
  • Fixed issue causing NMM to clean the plugins.txt readonly flag at startup.
  • Fixed Fallout 4 .mp3 and .bgsm file installation while using MultiHD mode.
  • Fixed crash issue when using the "Uninstall from all profiles" function.

Hofix 0.61.3:
  • NMM will now prevent the Fallout 4 launcher from resetting the plugins.txt file.
  • Fixed Fallout 4 categories.
  • Fixed issue preventing NMM from removing scripted installer config files when using "Uninstall all active mods".
  • Fixed rare crash when switching mod install mode in the Tools menu.
  • Fixed rare issue where NMM suggests a non-existent drive as Virtual folder.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the file downloader.

Hofix 0.61.2:
  • NMM will now provide better feedback when unable to check for Fallout4 ini edits, it also no longer prevents mod installation.
  • Fixed issue preventing NMM from properly installing .bsa file for Skyrim when using multiHD mode.
  • Fixed issue preventing NMM from properly installing .mp3 files.
  • Fixed an issue to preserve file links when disabling a mod that shares a file with another still enabled mod.
  • Fixed profile switch crash issue when checking for a plugin’s masters activation state.

Hofix 0.61.1:
  • Fixed issue preventing NMM from restoring overwritten loose files.
  • Fixed issue with some scripted installers being unable to check for dependencies and being unable to install.

Added Features:
  • Added Fallout 4 modding support.
  • Plugins that are missing their masters will show as red in the Plugins tab. Plugins whose masters are disabled will be shown as orange (the plugin description will also provide feedback about these issues).
  • Release notes will be shown in the update popup.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed crash issue and profile switch issues caused when enabling scripted mods during a profile switch.
  • NMM will now prompt the user whether he really wants to enable or disable all the plugins when clicking the buttons in the Plugins tab.

Next Build - 0.62.0
Due: Late November!
Planned Fixes:
  • None, yet

Planned Features:
  • Profile sharing.

Previous Builds

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