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How to use xwm files for a sound FX. Possible?

ck xwm sound fx sound fx

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Guten Tag!


I can get xwm files into CK if I'm using music tracks. I can't apply the same method to Sound FX files.


I'd like to be able to use xwm for filesize reasons.


The reason is that I'm actually using a piece of music as a sound descriptor. Before anyone yells at me that this is not right and offends their sensibilities, I have a very good reason for wanting to do it this way and I won't be persuaded to do otherwise!


It's a one-off where I need this, so I'll accept the much larger wav file if I have to, but it would be nice to use a smaller file.


Anyone know how to do this, or if it's even possible?


My attempts at doing it so far have drawn a blank. I can edit and select the xwm file, but it does not get added to the sound descriptor.


In this instance, I'm trying to cut a 28 MB wav file down to around 1 MB in xwm format. Not massive, I know, but not everyone's PC is great. Plus why use 28 when you can use 1? Multiply that by 10, if I ever wanted to do this 10x and now I'm saving 270 MB. See? Every little helps!


I really want to deliver my mod to the player in the most efficient way possible. I don't like waste.



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The 'Sound Descriptor' is a 'Media Player' (only for sounds) that accepts only 'WAV' files, the reason behind this is that 'WAV' are directly executed when they are called to play, and as FXs they can play multiple times and in successions, and they need to NOT cause any delay or lag.
In the other hand 'XWM' and / or audio files that are not 'Loose' / 'uncoded' must:
- first run the decompressor
- run the decoder
- the decoded file > plays the audio (from memory)
The wav file plays immediately without any of the above, just like putting the needle on the record player.
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I use Skyrim Audio Converter for making music tracks, XWM, from .wav files. I don't see it available in Nexus so I uploaded it, compressed file, here...



NOTE. If I remember correctly the converted .wav to .XWM file still says it's a .wav file, you have to right click > properties and you'll see the .XWM extension, then rename the file to filename.XWM.

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Thanks for the replies.


I have now decided to make the file a music track, after all, but I'll bear in mind what has been said for future reference.


To prevent any "Immersion-Breaking" (that dreaded phrase), I have simply added a bunch of Dwemer loud speaker systems all around the level, to give the player the impression that the music is being played throughout the Dwarven halls! There's no escaping it. Once the player presses the button they simply must listen to a short piece of classical music! (Grieg: In The Hall Of The Mountain King... couldn't get much more Dwarven than that!)


I just adapted the script to add and remove the music, rather than enabling and disabling a sound marker. It does have the advantage of being able to 'duck' the original music track in the cell by however many decibels I choose.


Thanks for the tips, both of you!


Thanks to my perhaps overly generous nature, my mod has now cost me $20 in voluntary donations for 4 music tracks. Then again, given the number of hours I've put into it, I'm only losing a couple of cents an hour! So I can now think that the more work I do on the mod, my hourly losses decrease! Why does this not make me feel any better? The benefit is that I can now listen to 4 lovely pieces of music whenever I like with a clear conscience! That does make me feel better. :thumbsup:

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