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Need help with Custom meshes Crashing CK and Game (meshes inside)

sse nifskope solved

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i created my own mashup of various armor pieces using outfit studio and nifskope so it isn't my first time doing this. this armor however is causing me problems. The CK doesn't show the armor in the armor addon window etc. and if i try to equip it in game it crashes.
it has no weight slider support and it uses various parts from other stuff so i cant publicly release it on nexus.
unfortunately i am completely lost now so i'm hoping for someone to help. here are the boot, cuirass, and gauntlet meshes. i didn't include the textures as there wasn't a problem with them and didn't want to make a big archive.
if you manage to help fix it i will mark it a solved with credit etc so others can get help thanks.
Update: Thanks to Hanaisse the meshes have been fixed. for people that are having similar problems with new armor mashups etc. crashing the CK/game import the meshes in Outfit Studio, zero out the values in the coordinates tab, check for improper partitions, then finally check the bone weights.

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All three meshes have general issues to clean up.

Starting with the Cuirass, a few of the BSTriShapes have skin transforms which is most likely the cause of invisible mesh and crashing CK.

To fix; In Outfit Studio

- import the cuirass
- on each of the shapes CuirassShiny, ChainmailTopShiny, CuirassBackSkirt and CuirassSideSkirt:
   - double click on shape to open properties
   - in coordinates tab, zero everything out, make sure 'Recalculate geometry's coordinates so it doesn't move' box is ticked
- when all those are done go to Edit > Reset Transforms
- the shape Pants has improper partitions - says it has 2 (body/calves) but each partition covers all the mesh - fix this in the Partitions tab (calves should only cover lower portion of leg below the knee)
- export the nif

In NifSkope
- fix the BSLightingShaderProperties on BSTriShape Buckles2, it has shader type default but shader flag 1 with environment mapping and a cubemap texture, so if it's supposed to be environment mapped change the shader type and add the enviromap texture

For the Boots;

- BSTriShape GeraltBoots_1 has improper partitions - says it has 2 (calves/feet) but each partition covers all mesh - fix this in Outfit Studio
- while in Oufit Studio fix the odd weighting of some parts - the left side straps do not need to be weighted to the right calf, or the foot, or the toe, should simply be 100% left calf, same with the guard. Fix both left and right sides.
- I won't mention the odd naming of "right" shapes actually being on the left and vice versa lol
- In Nifskope, fix the BSLightingShaderProperties of BSTriShape GeraltBoots_1, its missing the enviromap textures

For the Gauntlets;

- Import into Outfit Studio and fix the skin transforms as outlined above for shapes Gloves and Gloveslow
- if shape Gloveslow is supposed to actually be a hand it's entirely set up wrong
- In NifSkope, fix the BSLightingShaderProperties on BSTriShape Gloves, it has shader type default but shader flag 1 with environment mapping

I was able to at least import the mesh into the CK after these fixes without it crashing.




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Thank you so much!! i followed the instructions and the first time the boots started messing up and i found out that i forgot to edit the guard as well. it kept crashing on the boots so i had to fiddle with the partitions a bit and that fixed it. managed to get everything in game showing up but then the gloves started to mess up after they previously worked fine. i had to add a partition to the ebony out plates on the hand parts.



the fingers were actually vampire farm gloves since i dislike the nightingale fingerless gloves but they are the only good looking base. i still have to fix the pauldron positions and edit some parts in OS as i can see clipping when moving now.


here is the semi finished result: https://imgur.com/Ugfjf6f

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