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I've crawled back to Oblivion, after all these years.


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Hey guys, you guys probably don't know or remember me but I used to lurk here for years.

Once I even started my own modding endeavor, compiling a collection of body models and textures, using a borrowed Autosetbody script to make an autosetbody that will look at NPCs stats before determining their body and texture type.

It was fecking arduous since I was stupidly trying to do so on a barely usable laptop at the time and certain armor textures aren't fully available for certain body types.

My end goal was to make a mod that will make NPCs with their respective stats visible as physical traits, strong NPCs will have buff textures, charismatic ones will have cleaner/more seductive armor options, irresponsible NPCs will have dirtier textures and whatnot.

It's all a moot point since I lost it all when my laptop finally can't take my abuse.

SO, I've come back after a long time and want to know if there are comparable projects to my old and dead one, kinda want to relive the old magic.

Give this old modder some help wouldja?




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I know of mods for Skyrim that do this, but as far as Oblivion, not so much. The standards are OCOv2 for faces, Roberts male and Robert's female or HGEC for body replacers, among a few race overhauls for beasts. The closest thing I know of to what you describe is a utility that allows for changing body assets separately from race among other things called blockhead. It's mostly used for character overhauls like OCOv2 and some animation replacers. I have no idea if it'd be capable of making what you're talking about any less of a pain but as you already described with needing to make it compatible with the wealth of modded armor meshes out there, I don't think it'd be something done in a day, that's for sure.

Replacing textures sounds like the most quickly doable part of this but then for that, you'd need the textures.

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Can't remember seeing anything as complex as what you're describing, but with Blockhead nowadays anything goes, even different body models and skin textures per actor/NPC. Just fitting clothing/armor models, so you won't loose the unique appearance by wearing the wrong item (the body still comes with the clothes after all) is still a little bit more difficult (read: I didn't manage to get my last attempt at a framework for that working).


There's been projects coming close though. SetBody Reloaded rings a bell, even more so since it expanded to use Blockhead for the base. Mesh Extended Swap System on LoversLab is the first making use of the equipment overrides, but I've read mixed results from users. Guess every approach still has its drawbacks. Maybe when I have the time again I'll take a look at Blockhead's source code to figure out how it's meant to be used and my own attempts of using the equipment overrides so far have always failed.




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Every so often...I try to return to Oblivion...but the oldness and poor graphics drives me back to SSE, FO4, and FO76.

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