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Issue with Vortex installing mod

skyrim vortex

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I recently downloaded a mod called Believable Weapons that looks amazing, but I wasn't able to install it manually; a mod manager is required. I followed all instructions: Make sure vortex/mods are on the same drive as the game, make sure mods are set to 'deploy' when 'enabled', don't put the mod files in the Vortex Directory, but it still isn't working. Anyone have advice?




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The basic steps to install a mod are:

  • Download
  • Install
  • Enable
  • Deploy

Can you be more specific about "it still isn't working?"  How can you tell it isn't working?  Is it not downloading?  Not installing?  Not enabling?  Not deploying?  Is there an error message?  Etc.  A little help for us will let us help you better.


Something to double check in case the automated process isn't working is to look in the PLUGINS tab on the left side of Vortex, find the plugin associated with that mod and make sure it is Enabled there as well.  Also in the same window, be sure to click Sort Now at the top once it is enabled.  If set properly, Vortex will do all of this automatically for you, but it may not be working for some reason.

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