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SkyUI type mod that allows hotkey switch of armor and weapons?

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Does anyone know if there's a mod for FNV that does similar things to Skyrim's SkyUI, where with a click of a function key, you can switch from gear combinations in your inventory, ex. ... F1 for melee armor and melee weapon, F2 for ranged armor and weapon, F3 for trading clothing, F4 for speech clothing, etc?


I'm not asking for anyone to make it ... just wondering if there is one here that I couldn't find.  I searched for equip, but none of the mods seemed to fit this.





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You are referring to a "hotkey" feature.  I found 35 results under that keyword, but only two came close to fitting your request: one ("Expanded Hotkeys") from 2010 never got out of "Alpha" test.  It could probably be improved (the permissions allow it) by taking advantage of the many additional functions added to NVSE and it's various plugins since.  The other ("Quick Clothes Hotkey") from 2011 supposedly allows switching between 10 sets of clothing only.


One of the problems is that the function keys (F1, etc.) are all assigned to game functions and not readily "freed up" for your purpose though they can mostly be re-assigned between keys.  The default "hotkeys" in the game are the number keys 1-8, with "2" being dedicated to "Ammo".  There is a mod which will let you change the "Ammo" key to a number other than "2", but you still have to give up a different number between 1-8 in it's place.  That appears to be hard-coded in the engine.



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