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Trying to fix arcane archer pack not starting

cc arcane archer creation club fix

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trying to make a patch.


Hey folks, been awhile since i've been in here. i'm currently running alternate start and for some reason it seems to break two creation club start up quests for me, arcane archer pack and arcane accessories pack. tried asking arthmoor about it but it looks like my post got deleted. so i'm trying to make a patch so those two quests will start properly or at the very least the items from them will get added to the leveled list like they usually would, i don't care if i get the items at the start as that felt a bit cheaty anyways, but i'm having a hard time figuring out how to get the leveled lists to inject properly. it's been awhile since i've messed with it. 


so i have two questions; how can i get the quest to start properly, ie can i change it to start based off of a letter added to the player's inventory? second, how can i force the leveled lists to inject into vendors without relying on the associated quests for these two creations?


side note; both creations are installed properly and other creations have their items and quests started properly. so far only the two above fail to start. no idea why, i've compared them in the kit and they all rely on starting after character gen, but only some fire properly and others don't.

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I wouldn't know and you may have a job getting people to advise on things relating to the 'Creation Club' on Nexus!


I can't even look at them for you, I'm afraid, since I have not and will not ever download a 'Creation'.


Unless it's for personal use, you would also be required to have the original 'Creations' as masters for your mod... another reason I don't like 'Creation Club'.


I'm not being funny here. It's just my opinion. There are mods that do this sort of thing. There's even this mod https://www.nexusmod...ion/mods/15650/ which is maybe relevant to you. I won't download that either because I'd need to get the original 'Creation'. It may be of some use to you, though, if the author has tinkered around with the quests.


Sorry I can't be any more use than that.

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