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I need some help to implement a specific script for my mod. 


What I want to happen is that 3 days after a quest is completed then another quest starts.


Currently I have been unable to find a way to make this work.



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I'm thinking that a 'dummy quest' will work. It is set to start as soon as the first quest is completed.


This quest does nothing except holds a script to run using 'Self.RegisterForSingleUpdateGameTime(72)' in the start-up stage.


The quest is type 'None', so it will never show up to the player as having started.


You add a script to the main quest script that uses the 'EventOnUpdateGameTime()' event and in this event set another stage in the dummy quest.


In the fragment for this new stage, instruct the quest you want to run to start.


Alternatively, if it suits your purpose, do the dummy quest like the 'DunKolbjornQst' and use this mechanism to add a note to the courier, so 3 days after your other quest ends, the courier shows up and hands the player a note to start the next quest.


Either way, you should then use Stop() in the dummy quest fragment to shut down the dummy quest once you're finished with it.

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