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Oblivionauts - WIP

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Oblivionauts is a new type of Skyrim mod. Most mods make a small or large change to Skyrim, allowing players to use their characters, items, and abilities in different ways. Then there are the big mods. The overhauls, the ENBs, the total-conversion mods, etc. But this does not quite fit into any of those categories. Oblivionauts is (what we call) a Modular Minigame. By Modular we mean that it can be modified by anyone using an .esp. Do you want some more maps to play through? Just download a map pack from us or someone else! Do you want to be able to play all races or not use a class system? Make or download an Oblivionauts mod that does it! By “Minigame” we mean that it is not an open-world RPG like Skyrim, but instead is a relatively short game that can be played in may different ways.

So how is it different from Skyrim? And how do you play it? Unlike Skyrim, you do not traverse the wide, open world of Tamriel on a grand adventure to fulfill your destiny. Instead, you have a base, a set of maps that can be added to with mods, and a storyline. You begin in some strange and unfamiliar place where you are introduced to the story, customize your character, and choose your equipment. The game is dynamic. Which means that it is not played the same way every time, but the order of maps and certain parts of them will change. When you leave your base you are taken to a map that is chosen from a list. Modders can simply add their maps to the list, and you will be able to travel to their area. Once there, you play through the rooms, puzzles, and encounters until you reach the end of the map. Each map will have multiple paths to the end, allowing you to go through them in many different ways. As you complete puzzles, unlock locations, and kill enemies, you will be given rewards and progress towards the end. Once you reach the end you will be taken back to your base to recuperate and prepare for the next challenge.

Oblivionauts is not quite on the scale of a total-conversion mod like Nehrim was for Oblivion. However, its story and gameplay is totally separate from the world of Skyrim. You can never travel to Skyrim, and will always be confined to the world. All of the items, NPCs, quests, and areas of the normal game will not be available. When you start a new game you are not transported to Helgen, but to the Base. And when you choose your class, you will immediately realize that the gameplay is going to differ.


Unique Features:

  • Standalone Experience. When you play Oblivionauts it is not the tale of Dovahkin that you will experience. Oblivionauts is unique, and that is reflected in the way it has been developed. Rather than being transported to Helgen to survive a dragon attack when you click 'New' in the main menu, you are taken on a new adventure, one that will strike you immediately as new and different.
  • Rich Storytelling. Oblivionauts tells a unique and vibrant tale, while creatively implementing existing Elder Scrolls lore. Characters are carefully developed and show unique personalities and backgrounds. Rather than building an immense world with hundreds of NPCs, we have focused on creating a few deep, interesting people that you will want to engage with in addition to the enemies you will encounter.
  • Minimaps. Rather than implementing a large world like Skyrim, Oblivionauts includes a number of individual maps that the player must progress through. Each map has a unique environment and story, but they share a play style and are a part of a broad storyline. In addition, every time you play Oblivionauts, you will be able to go through the maps in a different order, including any maps that have been created by modders.
  • Open levels. Unlike in Skyrim, where most levels have only one way through them, each Oblivionauts map is like a mini-Skyrim. You have a clear objective, but how you accomplish that is up to you. Each map and encounter can be defeated in many ways, adapting to the player's playstyle as you progress. As you specialize your character, maps and enemies will adapt to your actions to present dynamic challenges (hopeful feature).
  • Play a new character. The hero of Oblivionauts is not Dragonborn, and is not played in the same way that you would the Dovahkin. Rather than choose a race and appearance at the beginning of the game, we have gone more for a Mass Effect, and Gears of War sort of approach. You take control of a Dremora who is conjured from Oblivion and forced into a strange realm with odd and powerful people whom he has never met. These characters are integral to the story and will introduce you this puzzling new place.
  • Class-based character design. Due to the fact that the length of Oblivionauts is much shorter than that of Skyrim (play-time will increase as maps are released), you pick a class at the beginning of the game that will determine your playstyle. As your level is raised you are given perk points to specialize your character, allowing you to further determine your unique way of playing.
  • Unique Gameplay. In order to make gameplay fit the new setting, leveling speed, perks, enemy progression, items, and other gameplay aspects have been modified.
  • Mod Incorporation, & New Assets. There are a host of amazing mods out there that add new equipment and creatures. We have chosen the best of them (Skyrim Monster Mod, Jaysus Swords, Immersive Armor, Immersive Weapons) and have incorporated their unique assets directly into Oblivionauts with permission from the authors. This allows you to play our new content without worrying about whether your favorite mods will be compatible with Oblivionauts. (Mods that will be incorporated will be decided upon as we make the mod and gain permission from other mod authors)

Release Plan:

So far we do not have an exact release date, though we hope to have the base and first map released sometime around March. This is subject to change.

Before the first release we will announce a beta phase where Oblivionauts can be tested before the it is given to the modding community as version 1.0.

The first release will include Dearthwit Spire, which is your base of operations from which you will travel to the other Realms. It will also include the Citadel, the first complete Realm.

Each further release will include another Realm, along with any updates and new features.


We have a wiki that we are using to develop the mod and store information. When the mod is released, it will also act as the main website for Oblivionauts. If you want to learn more about the mod's details, you can visit it at the link below. The hidden Development section contains the majority of our details for now. When pages are finalized, then they will be moved out of the hidden section. Please keep in mind as you view the wiki, that it is everything on there is subject to change, and not everything is visible to non-developers.


Stay Updated!

You can stay updated on our progress by checking any of the following sites. Updates will also be posted here.





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In order to create Oblivionauts, our team needs help from you and the Skyrim modding community. If you want to join our team, or know of someone you think would be of help to us, then please read below for more information.


  • Level-Designers: Current members of the Oblivionauts team are capable of level-creation but do not have the experience that is needed for this project. To create the Realms, we are in need of level-designers who can create Interiors or Worldspaces. Experience in the creation of either one will help us, but a Worldspace designer will be needed for the Realms. Level-designers will work with the artists and story-designers to create the maps, and integrate their details. Dearthwit Spire and the Citadel's (read the Release Plan section of the mod's description) maps, characters, and stories have already been largely designed, but their locations have not been created.
  • Artists: Concept artists are of great value to a project like this. They allow writers and story designers to put their ideas into a visual format, and help level-designers implement them into the game.
  • Modelers: Like artists, modelers are of great value. New meshes and textures add fresh content to the world that makes it feel unique to the player.
In the future, we may also have positions available for voice-actors, quest-designers, and scripters. We are not quite at the stage where we are ready to recruit those types of moddders yet. When we are, then we will post a news update.


When applying, provide us with examples of previous work (mods, art, team projects, etc.), your contact information, and some basic information about yourself and your skills. Level-designers need to have experience with the Creation Kit and example mods to show us.

To apply, please post in our ModDB forums.

If you do not feel like you are qualified or do not have the time to help us directly, then please feel free to suggest modders for us to ask to join our team. If we know of a great modder that we would like to have on our team, then we will invite them. We know that modders have their own projects and ambitions, though, so we will do our best to not pester good modders or interfere with their own plans.

If we like your work and if you seem like a nice person, then we will send you an invitation to become a member of our wiki. This will allow you to see the hidden development section of our wiki, and to post in the development forum. Because of this, you must make sure to provide us with your e-mail address.

Feel free to apply, ask for more information, or suggest modders. We look forward to working with you and with the community to create Oblivionauts. :-)

Note: Also posted as a separate thread in these forums.

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PCGamer has published an article featuring Oblivionauts and our ModDB page! Check the article out at this link.


Also, we are still looking for talented level-designers (especially some with experience creating Worldspaces), so if you are interested in helping out then you can view our ModDB job listing to learn how to apply.

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