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Better magic progression and trainer usage

magic trainers experience

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Hi ,I was recently wondering about skyrim magic system. Why after we learn spell throught a spell book we are already able to use spell at his full potential? What if:
we would start with 10% spell potential and 100% experience from sing that spell at this point and if we practise more (or simply go to specific school teacher to learn "how to use that spell better") we would end up with 100% spell potential but from there we would only get a very small % of experience from using that spell from now.
Thanks to that spamming one spell to level up quickly would be pointless , trainers would be more usefull and player could fell that his character is actually learning new things.




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Hello, there is a mod on nexus called Forgotten Magic Redone. I think that would work for what you are asking. It does not replace vanilla magic unfortunately, but it is an amazing mod. As you use a spell you unlock the ability to put perks into that specific spell. There are a bunch of different magic styles such as pyromancer, cryomancer, necro, etc. Does not affect trainers though. You can also tweak the settings to determine how often you find the spellbooks, and it also comes with a bunch of custom enchant rings that provide buffs to all the spells. https://www.nexusmod...35339?tab=files I personally find myself not even learning vanilla spells, and only using spells from Forgotten Magic redone. The exp gain to spells is also configurable, so you could make it much harder to level the spells if needed.


A duo of mods that would make it feel very rewarding (but very tough) would be Forgotten Magic Redone and Trainers Galore. Trainers Galore has an option to where you can only level skills by training. So you would be leveling your magic skills: Destruction/Conjuration/Illusion/Alteration/Restoration through trainers only, and you would be leveling the spells themselves through use in combat. You would have to use the trainer, because no matter how much you train, you wont reach your maximum potential without them, and you will have to actually use your spells in combat, or you wont deal too much damage with them.

https://www.nexusmod...yrim/mods/93967 This is trainers Galore

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