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God Item Mod Suggestion: The Golden Grenade Bot

grenade mod request god item grenade [support grenades]

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I have a pitch for a new type of grenade called the Golden Grenade Bot. An overpowered grenade bot that resists 90 percent of ballistic damage, and does an 50 mile AOE by running up to the one who dealt the "killing blow" when it is at 0 health, and of course it would be extra shiny.Of course making one of these ain't gonna be cheap, so I made a craft recipe below, it adheres to a strict and very expensive recipe, if the enemy have these in the LL the chance of them having one should be set to 0.01 percent, these things are extremely powerful and destructive and should be FREAKIN expensive to craft:


Crafts Recipes for golden grenade bot [can be crafted at both a chemistry station and a stove, but not a camp fire and not a spitroast crafting station] :

700 Gold

[100] .38 rounds

15,251 caps

55 adhesive

250 Ballistic Fiber

1,000 nuclear material

551 circuitry

5,000 copper

1 crystal

505 fiber optics

1,000 oil

500 steel

100 gears

one gold watch

[any grenade of your choice: will spawn just one w/the benefits of the grenade type on impact with a surface]

[Any grenade MIRV of your choice: will spawn several grenade bots on impact with a surface.]

[Requires all DLC]

*Details of all its features below.

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